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1967 Mustang master cylinder input rod removal

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Question: I am replacing my master cylinder (non power,drum brakes) on my 67. The new master cylinder came without a input rod. I tried removing the old rod but it seemed like it was not to be removed. Do I need to put a little more muscle into the removal or is the 67 m/c rod designed not to be removed? Thanks.
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There is a little clip that holds the pushrod into the MC. It's a bear to get out. There are special tools made for getting them out, but I've never seen one.

You can probably get it out with a very small screwdriver by prying the clip to the sides and working it out. I know this isn't much help, sorry.

Or buy a new, adjustable one and your problem is solved.
the new m/c should have came with one!
Mustangs Unlimited has an adjustable one for cheap.

Well thanks all for the advise. But I decided I did not want to spend 40 bucks on an adjustable rod. Sooooo out came the high speed die grinder. I cut the piston sleeve in half....voila rod extracted. Thanks again
Most MC's will not come with the rod because most MC's are universal to different cars who rod for that car is different. Easiest way to remove the rod from the master cylinder on the older stangs is to clamp the rod in a vice with the MC hanging below. Smack the MC with hammer (watch your toes) by the second hit, they usually pop off.

The rod has a small round keeper ring on a groove (looks like a small bent nail). When the rod is pressed into the MC, it engages a groove in the MC piston to hold the rod in the piston.
So i just bought this kit DUAL BOWL MASTER CYLINDER CONVERSION KIT - NON POWER DRUM BRAKES OE STEEL 1965-1966 - CJ Pony Parts, Inc. for my 66 and as the page says, i have to use my original MC push rod. The only thing is, they sent me the dual bowl MC with a rod already inside of it. Is there a specific way to remove the rod without messing up the MC? thanks a bunch!
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