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1967 Mustang wiring loom question

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I have a very early 67 Mustang made October of 66. I have added the "turn signal hood" but there isn't a plug in for the hood? also Ive added both the roof and floor consoles, and Im not sure how to or where to run the wires to plug them in. The roof mount needs to have power all the time, and the floor mount needs to only have power when the doors are open. Can anyone tell me where to find the places where these plug in, and what the wire colors are to look for? Thanks, Bob
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hey bob. my first question would be did your car come equipped with the roof console floor console and hood turn lights. if it didnt then you would need to pick up a painless wiring kit that comes equipped with it. you can pick them up separate. if it did come equipped then for your hood turn signals your gonna want to look right above the brake master cylinder. there is a grommet there with wires going to your brake system. there will be 2 spare wires im not sure of any of the colors cause i dont have mine next to me. your roof console wires will be ran up through the driver side door jams and linked up into the center of the roof. its the same position for as the dome light system. for your floor console look underneath the dash in the middle. you should see a 5 or 6 wire bundle that u will need to clip. hope this helps.
For the hood signal lights you can open the wire loom near the master Cyl and add a duel plug their to your loom. I believe that all the under the dash looms have the wire connectors about 6 inches from the fuse box for the lower console. There are two wires one for the lights and one for the console shifter black with blue stripe for the lights. The upper console lights has a loom that connects to the right door piller switch. I'm not sure on the color for the shift light, but it found close to the console light wire.
Thank you for your responses. But no this Mustang didn't originally come with the turn signals in the hood, or the upper & lower console. Some one told me that because It's a very early 67 mustang (October 66) that it wont have the wires for the hood turn signals, so I guess I will have to splice into the wire harness, I wish I knew what the wire colors are that IM going to have to splice into, and better yet where do I find the correct plug in to match the hood wire? About the upper & lower console I have both wires going to them but the upper will only have power when the doors are open, and I need it to have power all the time, and the lower console has a different plug configureation, plus it need constant power to the shift indicator and then power to the rear light only when the doors open. So I need to find out where under the dash to plug in that back light? There is a single wire on both the right & left side of the dash that I used to plug in the under dash curtisy lights, maybe there is some way to tie into those? Thank you for your help, Bob
The power for the floor console is acquired near the fuse box on a pigtail black/blue stripe wire.
Ok Super, Thank you for the information. I will do the limbo now and hook it up. Bob
MIL1ION, I forgot to say Thanks for the great photo of the fuse box and notes on which wires went ware. A big help. Thanks again for the help. Bob
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