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I working on my car slowly, I still drive it around but my fuel gage does not work where should start to trouble shoot.Any info would be great.

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Hello lafamilialujano,
Working slowly on a classic is JUST fine.

Take your time and do things right the first time.
There is NO need to rush.

As far as the gas level - -

There are a few things that control the workings of the fuel gage.
I will list the major parts

1. - Sending unit - -located inside the gas tank
2. - Gage - in the dash
3. - Wires to power the system
4. - POwer to the instrument cluster

I always like to start EASY things first.

Crawl under the rear of the car under the gas tank.
Look at the front (side) of the tank. I am pretty certain the sending unit
wire is located between the tank and the rear end (round pumpkin housing)

First check to see if the wire is connected and the connections are clean.

If they are - -the next step is to see if the gage is working.

Remove the wire that attaches to the tank - -take a piece of wire and run it between the end of the wire and a good ground. Let me explain that better.
Take a piece of wire - strip the ends - -insert one end into the wire and the other end of the strip of wire - - have it touch a good ground source (clean metal like the frame.

Turn the key to the on position - - if the gage is good it should now read full.

If not - - it is likely the sending unit (in the tank)

This of course assumes the wires are all good. Most likely you may find the wire is not making a good connection or the sending unit needs replacing

Start here - -then post results and we will go from there

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