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1967 transmission conversion. Auto to Manual

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hey everyone, I'm working on a 1967 coupe that i just bought and i'm trying to decide if i should convert it to a manual. i want to get as much out of the 289 performance wise as i can without spending a ridiculous amount of money. i have a c4 trans in it now but i do have a manual trans that will bolt up. the manual trans hasnt been used in quite a few years and has just been sitting in a storage shed so i'm not sure what kind of shape its in. any thoughts?
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Personally if I were to switch I would go to a 5 speed with a cable operated clutch set up
I personnaly think it really depends if you like the "old School" muscle car. Remeber, back then 4-speeds were the envy. My 66 is a convertible 289 4-v with 4-speed top loader. I love it !! But again, i'm not driving parades. Bottom line, its all in what you like. Its no big deal to convert it to a 4-speed. Assumeing you have the bellhousing, cluthc, pressure plate, etc. You need Manual clutch /brake pedal assembly. Z-bar, linkage, and z-bar mounts frame and engine side. You should be able to get all this for around $250 used (make sure you get the right Z-bar for the exhaust manifold you have on the driver side) Use the hipo style Z-bar and you wont have to worry.

I also have a 68 fastback that is 75% complete. Dropping in a newly rebuilt monster 351C with a 4-speed toploader I rebuilt. Right now, i'm dealing with getting headers that will fit up and clear due to 4-speed.
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