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Go to and plug in your numbers.
Warranty Number: 8F03J214813

Year: 8 1968
Plant: F Dearborn, MI
Body Series: 03 Convertible
Engine: J 302 4v V8
Unit: 214813 214813

Miscellaneous Vehicle Data

Body: 76A Convertible, Standard Interior
Color: D Acapulco Blue Metallic
Trim: 2A Black Crinkle Vinyl and Black Kiwi Vinyl, Standard Interior

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please anybody know what the codes on my 1968 convertible VIN tag mean? Thanks
8F03J214813 76A D 004
That is your body buck tag, it was attached to the body early on during assembly so the workers further down the line would know any specific steps that had to be done to the shell as it went down the line.

Most of your codes have been decifered but here's the others,

2A standard black interior
PT power top
PB power brakes
GT GT equipment group (your car is a true GT!)
ST AM/8 track stereo radio
RB rear bumperettes
PS power steering

For example: this let the workers on the line know they had to cut holes in the bottom corners of the doors for the stereo speakers. NOTE: this "ST" code is for Dearborn 68 cars only! Metuchen cars had ST meaning standard transmission. Codes weren't uniform across plants.
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