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1968 coupe rusted rail issue

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Ok so I found a slight issue with the weep hole for my front frame rail rusting out over time that I negelected to find during my initial inspection.Upon giving my car a decent once over after getting her home I started poking around more on the underside and found one weep hole slightly larger then the others and as I proceeded to lightly prode with my finger I found it not only was full of debris including some old seeds from what I would guess was a mouses home but it also fell apart fairly easily up to the point shown in my photo. I did not probe much more then seen in my profile photo but it did open slightly more then this. I have not tried digging in any more with a screwdriver as of yet. Have not had time to put her up on stands and the plan was for this fall to do so and start cleaning the underside and patching a small hole in the already replaced rear floor pan. Fronts were replaced years ago and obviously they never did anything to this.
So where do I begin? My hope was not to strip it down totally as the interior is in really good shape. Was planning on cleaning up the underside and undercoating it after minor patchwork and replacement of a rear quarter panel. I will get some better photo's up this weekend by curious as to options as of right now?? As well I am new here and have yet to figure out how to post my photo on my thread so sorry you have to look at it in my profile.
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I would take a shop vac and suck as much crud out of the frame rail as I could. In BOTH directions. Then knock out the rest of the rust with a pick hammer. Then blow the frame rail out with an air hose. This will give you an idea of how much needs to be replaced. Using a cutoff wheel, remove the rest of the rust by cutting a piece that is relatively easy to cut from a new piece. Pull your carept back. :bigthumbsupBuy a replacement rail and trim it to fit. Then weld it in.
Was hoping it might be a patch repair as you are stating. Will get her vaccumed out and cleaned up then pick out any additional major rust and post some better photos. Thanks for the input.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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