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Hey everyone,

I hope I'm posting this in the right place....I just signed up for an account not too long ago so if I'm in the wrong area, please be nice and tell me where to post this instead!

On to the problem: My fiance has a 1968 Mustang and it was running just fine, up until about a week ago. I don't know anything about cars, literally, nothing at all. I tried looking around the forums here to see if anyone else had posted a similar problem, but no luck. I THINK it's something wrong with the carburetor or maybe an old, cracked rubber seal. When you try to start the car, it shoots out fuel! We replaced the starter not too long ago and she turns over and started just fine, but now that she's leaking fuel, I'm at a loss as to what's wrong. I have a few photos...they're not very good since I could only take them with a cell phone, but I hope they do the trick!

We're trying to get this car up and running again so we can sell it and get something with better gas mileage and more dependability. /=


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