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1968 Mustang Coupe 351w with 5R55S possible?

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Good evening to all,

I have a 1968 Mustang with a 351W, at this time there is a three speed transmission that I would like to remove. I would like to replace this transmission with a 5R55S from a 2003 Lincoln LS that I have. The reason why I would like to put in this transmission is because of its select shift feature. Is this something that is possible? If so what modifications would have to be made and if you have done this before any sort of guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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for starters i am not an auto tranny guy.
doesnt a newer fuel injection tranny have some sort of communication with the ecu or something electrical to thateffect? in other words, if this were the case, i would see this bein a very difficult task.
it won't work on any level, it's made for a "mod motor", so it won't bolt up: it's computer controlled (that can be dealt with) and it won't fit the body without major work...
Now what is cool is my 427/351w based car has an AODE 4 spd automatic and you can get an aftermarket paddle shifter controls from TCI installed on it...check them out
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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