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1968 mustang interior courtesy light issues

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Ive been putting the under dash courtesy lights in my mustang and i have them all installed only to find that none of the courtesy lights work under the dash or the dome light. the fuse was blown and i replaced that. Both of my door plungers are good. I dont know what to do or where to go from here. someone help me.
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Hello.:) There isn't really any secret to it. You'll have to take your volt meter, start at the fuse box, check both ends of the fuse to see if power is actually passing through it, move around the circuit in steps, checking to see if power is making it to that point, and go until you find the point that power is not making it past, and fix whatever it is that's interrupting the circuit. If power is making it all the way to the bulbs, then you ever have a ground problem or the bulbs are bad. Hope that helps. :)
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the bulbs cant be bad since i just got them today. so im guessing that something is interrupting them or my grounds suck. :bigthumbsup ill get back to you as soon as i work on it tomorrow.
Perhaps one or both courtesy light sockets are creating a ground ..blowing the fuse.

Never check a fuse by looking at it .. always use a Multi-meter and check for continuity from one end to the other
Use your schematics and a good test light.>run a ground directly to one of the lights, then run power to the light. It should be one or the other. When this happened to me, the light switch unit was bad. I had to buy a new one.
i dont know what happened but they all of a sudden started to work. and now they work perfectly. I was bleeding my brakes so i had my door open and i pushed and released my brake pedal and they came on. Kind of wierd. :bigthumbsup
Hi again. :) So, they just needed a little vacation? :gringreen That would seem to indicate a problem with the headlight switch or headlight switch connector. If everything keeps working, cool. Problem solved. Just be aware of what it just did if your car decides to start doing something else weird with the lighting at some point in the future. Begin your search for a solution with the question, "Could the headlight switch or connector cause this to happen?" If yes, that's where you want to start. :)
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yeah i guess they did a vacation. :hihi: But ive been driving my car around and nothing wierd has been happening. But i will start there if anything wierd happens.
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