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My name is Marcus, I'm from Edmonton, Alberta and I've got a 1969 Mustang coupe.

I've been working on my Mustang for a couple of months now. It is stripped down to the bare metal and in the body shop for minor welding issues. With constant movement of parts from my shop, to sand blaster to body shop and back again I've lost track of some important pieces.

There are a bunch of parts I am looking for in general but my first *very* important pieces are the hinge mounting plates for the driver side door. These are triangular shaped with a wedge at one edge and three holes for the bolts, this is located inside of the kick panel.

If anyone has these for sale or knows where I may be able to find them, it would be greatly appreciated. I've check with the mustang shop, and a couple other places online but having difficulty.

Thank you. :shiny:
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