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1969 Mustang heater hose routing

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The prior owner of 69 Mach I cut the heater core hoses and looped the water pump back into itself. What I need to know is where do the hoses connect to on my 351C from the heater core?
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Assuming the set up is the same. Off the top of my head on my 69 302 the top hose goes to the water pump and the bottom hose is to the intake manifold.

Someone please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Or to expound on what I have said.

Thanks, I'II try your setup but the 351C water port is on the block.
my 66 289 has the bottom heater core outlet connected to the port at the intake separate from the water neck thermostat housing. The top heater core outlet is connected to the water pump nipple.
The 351C is different from the windsors, but the same principals still apply, the highest port on the block will be the outlet from the block this will go to the lowest tube on the heater (inlet), check the choke housing bracket and if it has a half loop the size of a heater hose this hose will go through it, the other hose that is on the water pump (inlet) comes from the highest tube on the heater core (outlet). Good Luck.
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Will have to check it when it gets a little warmer. It rained all night and the outside temp dropped 25 degrees.
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