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1969 Mustang Project Condition

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I just bought a 1969 Mustang Fastback and I would love to get some feedback in regards to the cars condition. As of right now I just want to get her at least to a drivable state and whether its worth it. Here is some general information. The car has been garaged for 15 years. The seller started the car but not sure how stable she is after being inactive for those 15 years. The transmission needs repair as the seller said that he was going fast on the freeway and the brakes failed so he cranked the transmission to avoid crashing, again not sure how bad the transmission is but he said his trust worthy mechanic can rebuild it for $700. Last year while still in high school I took an auto tech class and worked on some cars but my knowledge is still very limited. The good news is that my auto tech teacher is a down to earth guy and I am pretty sure I could take it to the shop class and have it fixed there, the bad news is that I work and I get out late to go to the class in school hours to work on the car at his presence. I am not by any means mechanically oriented but I could do some minor repairs or removals with the aid of a manual or you guys :bigthumbsup but nothing big as extracting the engine or a transmission etc... Also my good friends dad is a welder and my dads friend can repair body damage and paints. Like I said before right now I am only interested in having her on the road in fair condition. Take a look at the pictures and tell me how bad the car is if its to much I might have to pass her down :weeps. Excuse me if the pics are bad I took it with my ipad and it was hard taking pics in tight spaces especially since it zooms in because of the retina display. If you guys want more pics of a specific thing I will be more than glad to upload them, thanks.

Here are the good pics.


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I have no valuable insight, but that car is beautiful already! Can't wait to see when she's done!

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The bad

Floor boards look bad and the torque boxes look no different to me. The magnet I used seemed to stick mostly everywhere in the the quarter panels and the car in general except the bottom of the quarter panels where rust is evident. I raised the carpet of the driver seat and I got an awful sight which makes me wonder if the cowl is rusted.


Thank you, I will keep posting as long as I have her with me.
As long as the price isnt outrageous,it looks like its in pretty good condition and certainly savable.
69 fastbacks are great looking cars!
The average price for a fastback around this condition is no more than $8,000 and no less than $7,000 with very few exceptions.
You can get this baby on the road for sure. :bigthumbsup ...I was about your age when I got my 65' Fastback. It was in worse shape than yours! Its been an adventure though.:smoke:

Your first priority, in my opinion, is to get the transmission and the brakes looked at. ..After that, a good once over of the engine and carb, etc...(you said it fires up, so that's good. Now get it tuned.). Assuming the tires are good, you'll be back on the road...Only then would I worry about the floorboards and the cosmetics (unless your feet are hitting the road like Fred Flinstone).... Thus starts the restoration journey! Trying to work and save money while balancing funds between trying to keep it running and fixing all the rust..awesome...:grinroll: ...

That said, judging by the front floorboards you can be pretty sure the cowl is toast. You never know though. Body looks good. Quarter panels and front fenders appear to be rust free? If the floorboards, rockers, and cowl are the main issues, you're ahead of where a lot of us have started!

Oh, and Use that auto-shop teacher/friend for as much work as you possibly can! ...The school springs for the parts, and you have free labor!... It'll just take some time.

Welcome to the sickness! :bounce2:
Thank you for your input. I will try to get in touch with my auto teacher next monday. As for the rust, the front fenders are ok but the bottom of the left quarter pannel is rusted you can see the rust in picture IMG_005.jpg. Some of the things that might need replacement or repaired that come right out the top of my head are the power steering, brakes, carb, water pump, radiator, tires, and maybe the motor tune. Like you said the cowl might be really rusted but who knows I havent really consider taking a closer look at them or have done the water bucket test. Despite the rust the floors feel solid but eventually they will have to be replaced as long as they are there I am good unlike my dad's first old car which he said the floors were all rusted out and really bad that all the time my brothers toys would fall right through them.:gringreen
That car is definitely worth saving. '69 Fastbacks are very desirable. I would love to snag one someday. Good luck with your project!
Look's pretty good to me!!! all that I can see is replaceable, good project car if the price is right I would pull the trigger!!!!:bigthumbsup
Nice car. I have a 69 too that was my first car in high school almost 30 years ago.

If you don't want/need the heat riser attached to the passenger manifold and you can salvage it I might buy it from you.

I'm in the process of replacing the suspension and some of the steering components now.
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