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1969 Squeaking front suspension

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No doubt this question has been asked many times
In 2010 I rebuilt my 1969, installed all new urethane bushes etc to the front suspension, now the squeaks have started, is this common with the urethane bushes, also which one does all the squeaking as being half deaf I cannot identify the culprit,.
Will a lubricant help if so what sort or do I change the bushes back to `rubber' as originally installed
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yes it is common to have squeaks with urethane bushings. the antisway bar bushings are what always squeaked on my car. take some wd40 and spray them good then push up and down on the car a few times and see if it goes away. it usually does on my car. lasts a while then I spray it again. I finally ended up changing to midolyne bushings. they still squeak but not as much or as often.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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