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hi, my names matt (getting that introduction in first) and my dad has bought a 1970 mustang 302 coupe for us to work on together. his friend used to rebuild mustangs and will have no problem doing work to it, but he said that the camshaft needs replacing. i don't know much about cars and this is my dad's way of teaching me, so i want to impress him by finding a nice camshaft.
my dad keeps saying he wants something "bigger to make the car rumble." im not sure what he means as the car already rumbles and is very loud. anyway, he said that he can spend around $150 to $200 bucks and just wants something good but not too pricey.

other than that he wants to get a new exhaust system (or whatever) because the one that's on it now looks bad and is falling apart. he's very biased toward flowmaster by the way.

i just thought it would be a good idea to ask some people with some first hand experience restoring cars (as i'm sure there are some of them on this site).

thanks for your time,
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