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1970 Mustang - 700hp for sale

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1970 Mustang Fastback
428/431 .30over ($10,000 documented)
Entire Drivetrain is complete
Front Disk Brakes
Much more, please visit

This is still a project. $10,000 Engine is complete, Tranny is complete. Please see the website for detailed information. Emails are very welcome are are responded to quickly.

What most are wondering... "what still needs to be done". Well, to get it running, the wiring harness needs to be ran (I have the harness), the fuel line needs connecting (but has been ran). Needs hoses and belts. Needs exhaust (from the headers --> back), Interior (is available, just needs to be put back in). One seat is ripped and dash needs to be reapholstered.

Also have many extra parts to go with the car. Have another big block, complete heads (wrapped and ready to use), 2 more sets of heads (incomplete), original pistons (11:1) rods etc, Extra hood prepped for cowl, extra trunk lid, extra bezel, lots more.

Will be posting additional pictures tonight (8-25-05) of the bumpers, interior, floorpans, undercarriage (as best as I can get) to show there isn't any rust (keep in mind this is a Texas car).

Again, the website is
and has all the information you might want/need on it. I am posting this at $8,000... which coincidentally is the amount I need to pay off some medical bills. This will truly be one mean machine in a short amount of time. Once running (which could be soon), you just doubled your investment.

Please email:
[email protected]

or call:
713-248-6136 (
Houston, Tx)

Ebay Link:,1&item=4570887331&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT

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Per the email requests, I've added pictures to my website. I've added pictures of the under carriage, the interior, & the floor pans. I've also broken the pictures down into smaller groups for the guys that don't have high speed internet.

Let me know if there are any other pics or info about the car you'd like to know. :drink:
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