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1970 Mustang Coupe

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Hi I'm Chazzz
My first Ford (Mercury) was a 1957 Monterrey, Next was a 1949 Ford Custom (Woody) Wagon. In high School and freshman year of college I drove a 1968 Torino GT it was a real babe magnet. I still have my 72 Ranchero 500 it came with a 351 Cleveland which I replaced with a 5.0 EFI (lots of work).

About 10 years ago I bought a 1970 Mustang coupe, 351 Cleveland, c4, bad interior and rust. It fired right up and I took it home for $500. My plan was to work side by side with my son to restore it. It ran great and he needed a high school car so he used it as a daily driver. Unfortunately, he didn't just light up the tires but thought it was a great off road mud vehicle. After he ripped all tread off a new set of tires and a second exhaust system the car was no longer his to drive.

The coupe is now in my garage in the midst of a restoration, New quarter panels, valances, door skins, body work of all kinds, head liner, dash pad, and seat covers.

The Cleveland will be pulled and rebuilt. I am contemplating a EFI mod. Still looking for good ideas for making it bullet proof.

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keep your son away from it...Trick Flow makes modern aluminum heads for the ole Cleveland, with forged pistons and rods it would be more than bullet proof
Welcome to the forums. You will find a wealth of information on here.
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