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1970 Mustang Hardtop (coupe) rear window trim retainers

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I'm working on installing the back window on a 1970 coupe, but i don't have the trim retainers. Anyone know where to get these? I saw that the bottom one's are wider ones (see videolink)?
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I cant say I have ever seen those reproduced. You might have to check ebay for some used ones or possible check with the guys on the 69-stang forum. They are dedicated to strictly 69-70 mustang only. Some members these may have some
1969-70 Technical Forum - and The 1969 and 1970 Mustang Supersite

You can also check with some mustang suppliers that have a mustang parts yard. (Glazier / Nolan, Kentucky Mustang, etc.) You have to call or email as they don't advertise their used parts yard. I'll bet if Glazier Nolan does not have them, they would know where to get their hands on some used ones.
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Thank you for the tips. I've emailed Glazier Nolan, hopefully they can help. Our bright blue 70 coupe looks unfinished at the rear now.
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