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1970 mustang rest mod build

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Just decided I'd post some pics now that I'm making some real progress. Be gentle ahaha still a work in progress. When I got it nothing worked it had no engine or Trans as well as missing pretty much everything. She has a 351c freshly rebuilt with all the go fast bits on it as well as a t5 I'm gonna let live till she dies then swap for a g force t5. Wanted to post some of my progress. I don't have any from the very beginning because I switched phones and never backed my many many photos up, buuuuut no one needs to see that ugly mess anyways!
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i just realized I dont know how to add photos to this thread
Sounds like an Awesome build cant wait to see progress pics
i just realized I dont know how to add photos to this thread
When you post, scroll down to "manage attachments". You'll be able to add photos. Can't wait to see either!
Can't wait until you get it figured out, would love to see it.
The other way is to click on the paper clip at the top of border for the reply box. It will lead you to a browser screen to select photos from you computer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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