This is now the most expensive car come from Australia.

It's a Ford Falcon from 1971, but this isn't an ordinary Falcon. In the midst of a rivalry with the Holden Torana and Chrysler Valiant in the 1970s on the legendary Bathurst circuit, more power and better handling were needed.

So Ford created the GTHO Phase III. It looked like the high-performance Falcon GT, but bumped everything up. A modified V8, top-loader four-speed, and a locking nine-inch rear diff. Plus special brakes, better handling, and a massive 43.4-gallon gas tank.

It was the fastest production four-door in the world at the time, with a 400 hp V8 that was said to rev to more than 7,000 rpm.

But Ford didn't build many. Around 300. And it's said less than 100 are left.

This one went up for sale at a Lloyds auction two weekends ago and sold for a record-breaking 1.03 million dollarydoos. That's about $760,000 Freedom Bucks. That makes it the first million dollar car made in Australia.

The car came with a full service history, just under 21,000 km on the odometer, and all the documents to go with it. It doesn't hurt that it looks stunning in black on red with gold accents. That's ace for the seller and a beaut for the buyer.