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1971 mustang value?

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I have a 1971 mustang that i rebuilt as my highschool project. It was ment to be my dailydriver/race car. Ran a 13.42 last time i raced it. its has a rebuilt 429 bored 20 over. the motor its self is basicly stock. stock pistons, stock lifters, aftermarket cam for mostly the lope but it also adds some lift. holly 750, new altenator, new powerstearing pump, an alluminum intake, alluminum ford racing valve covers, msd destributor, super comp headers, custom flowmaster super 40s 3inch exhaust done by professional, rebuilt c6 auto tranny with shifting kit. so it shifts hard! new front end (springs, a arms, bearings, ect.) front disk breaks and rear drum breaks, brand new tires on some new american racing tourge thrust D rims(10.5 wide rear, and 8 inch wide front). the interior is ok but might need some minor work has aftermarket gauges and stearing wheel, and shifter. does not have a radio.( car is wayyyy to lound anyway :gringreen ) only downside is it now has an 8 inch rearend. and the paint is faded pretty bad and needs some love the body is streight for the most part minor dings and scratches. I recently had my first child and have to get rid of the car. and i need to know what to start the asking price at. comment any questions or comments. thanks.


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thank you. =] and do the stickers decrease value?
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