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Hello all you former perts. I have a question about these bolt-on subframe connectors that I'm hoping one of you experts can answer.
I know that welding is the best way to go, but it's not an option for me right now.
With that being said, I got these subframe connectors a couple years ago. They're supposed to slide into the front frame and bolt on somewhere in the back. The first thing you have to do is cut open the end cap (or whatever it's called) on the front frame and slide those puppies in there. When you have them where you want, you drill a hole or two and bolt them into place. Now... The rear frame. Wuddup widdat?
It looks as if the hole they put on the frame connector is supposed to use the same bolt as the rear leaf spring? Like... Am I supposed to unbolt the front end of the rear leaf spring and slide that steel plate (the plate welded to the subframe connector with a hole cut for a horizontal mounting bolt) between the leaf and the rear frame?
And what do I need to look out for when I remove the bolt holding that leaf spring in place? Is everything gonna drop out and never line up again? Is it gonna hurt me? I hate crying in front of the neighbors.
I don't race this car or need any extra super anti-twist rocket torque bullet proof connector things. I just want to connect the front to the rear. My plan was to bolt these into place and drive around for a bit before making them more permanent.
Anyone have suggestions? Do I need to make any modifications on the bench before bolting them to my car? Are these designed to use my leaf spring bolt?
Thank you all very mucho.
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