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Hi! dne' here :wavey!
It amazes me how difficult a squeak can be to find! I have to ask dumb obvious questions, so parden me, but:
*you did lubricate the Upper control arms, the 4 fittings, you did install 90degree fittings for easy access?
"i had heard that when you have the car in the air and you put new coil springs in you need to wait until the car is on the ground to tighten down the 2 nuts on the coil spring mounting bracket i dont know if thats true or not but any oppinions would be great thanks"
*Coil spring mounting bracket? Spring perches you mean, what the coil springs actually sit on(these too generally have a rubber piece that the spring sits on? If this is what you were referring to, then it wouldn't matter, but they do need to be tight(doah!)
*Does it squeak on both sides? Are you for sure the springs are seated on the top area well? (just thinking about possibilities)
*I've seen some people have problems with the LCA's rubbing on the frame due to slightly bent frames. The LCA's receive a lot of abrupt damage due to being so low>
*Sway bar bushings?
*you had the front end aligned? If you put new suspension(especially LCA's, you couldn't possibly get very close on camber if you didn't, and if caster wasn't set correctly, a slim possibility when installing the new strut rod bushings may have placed the LCA/s to forwardly or back causing a rubbing of the LCA's(however a long shot possibility)
*I'd have my Dad keep pushing up and down on the fender until you're sure where it's coming from. If you put it together yourself, you should be able to locate it. Basically a simple setup as far as suspensions go, but can be a little testy at times!
dne' :bigthumbsup
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