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1972 Mustang Fastback

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I've been looking for a project Mustang and I came across a 1972 Ford Mustang fastback with a 460 bbc out of a 1975 Mercury and a c6 transmission. It has no rust (primered), new tires, reupholstered seats but is missing headlight and taillight assembly, bumpers, and no carburetor. Seems to have everything else. They want 3500. Is it worth that?
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Doesn't sound bad, do you have any pictures? Has the car ever run and been driven with the 460 in it?
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Don't overlook all the small things like interior items, also the drive shaft and rear end. Need photos!
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These are the pictures I received from the seller. I haven't gone to check it out yet, they live an hour and a half away. I was wondering if it was worth checking out. The guy told me it has a clear title, reupholstered seats but is missing headlight and taillight assembly, radiator and bracket, front bumper, frame side of the motor mounts and front calipers. I didn't receive any pictures of the interior and they didn't say anything about it. The 460 is just setting in it, I don't think its ever ran with it.
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If it were me I would plan on having to replace the engine. It doesn't look like its ever been hooked up and has not been stored properly (open ports on engine sitting out side for who knows what to nest inside). If you have alot of ability to do the work yourself I would still consider it but try to get the price closer to the two grand area and do check it thoroughly for rust. If I found much rust I would move on. Best of luck.
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Well, ........... you said you wanted a project. Seriously speaking, we have no idea of the condition of the underside sheet metal and frame rails. So unless you can clearly advise or show their condition, its hard to say. If the frame rails, shock towers, aprons are in excellent shape, then you have something good to work with.

The 460 is no big deal as some of the 72's came with a 429 which is basically the same block as the 460.

I was never a fan of the 71-73 year till I saw a few done right. I come to have a liking for them when done right. Look at this one and tell me if you don't like it.
It's down right Sexy !!


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Well I was looking for a Mustang I could build from the ground up except I wasn't planning on spending more than 2,000, but this was the only one that has interested me so far.
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