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1973 mustang brakes no pedel

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my mustang has no brakes new calipers steel braided lines new master cylinder brake booster wheel cylinders are good and dry and bleed out all the air
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either you have a bubble floating in the system or the master is no good out of the box.
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Did you bench bleed the new MC?

Your car adjust like this one ( so did my 65 Mustang)

Check to see if you have an Adjustable push rod from brake pedal to boaster first..Might save some time..
(Under dash attached to brake pedal if you have one )

For excessive brake travel:

Hope this helps.

The front brake calipers are side specific. If you put them on the wrong side the bleeders are not correctly oriented making it impossible to bleed the brakes. If installed correctly the bleeders should be pointing toward the rear, not the cowl/windshield.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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