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1973 Mustang Mach 1-No Blinkers, Flashers Working

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Hello this is my first post!

I have a 73 Mach I restored by my father and I for my senior project. I am needing to get it inspected by the end of the month, it is stored at my fathers about 2 hours away from my apartment.

My current course of action is to get a new flasher for the blinker. First of all does anybody know where in the car these are located?

Am I headed in the right direction or is something other than the flasher gone bad?

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So I located the flasher for the blinkers and I replaced it. It is on the passenger side behind the glove box mounted to a piece of sheet metal. The flasher for the 4 ways is different, it is square shaped, not sure if this is stock or not as I would think that they would be the same. Unfortunately this did not fix my problem. I am now beginning to think that the switch in the steering column needs to be replaced. However I find it strange that it suddenly stopped working and did not gradually stop working.
I have an update.

I replaced the flasher which is mounted to a buzzer board above the glove box. It wasn't working until I screwed the buzzer board back into place. The blinkers worked for one whole ride in the car. Then about a week later when I went to get it inspected they failed to work.

I have put a voltmeter onto the flasher plug and I am getting random voltage, from 0.10 to 11.1. I am assuming I have a bad ground. I cleaned the ground connection that was screwed into the buzzer board. Apparently there is one to the "right of the radio" according to the ford shop manual, unfortunatley no diagram for the mustang in this manual, but they have one for the POS pinto...:nono:. Anyways if anybody has any suggestions as to what could be causing the fluctuation of voltage please let me know, also any other ground locations would be very helpful.
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