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1973 Mustang mach 1 starter solenoid wiring

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HI,I am wondering If anyone could tell me where to find a link to a pic of the wiring of the starter solenoid and voltage regulator.I am having alot of electrical problems with my 1973 mach 1 .Right now it won't even start last week it started but while driving the lights just shut off.I bought the car couple years ago with the intent of restoring.Right now I just want it to start.
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I went ahead and took pictures of mine. I hope this helps.


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thanks for your trouble,What I really need is the coloring of the wires on the to littler post.I have a red and blue striped on the left and a red and green striped on the right littler posts.does that sound right?:headscratch:
Hello sean,
I may be way off here but perhaps you have a dead battery.

It sounds like you could have been running off the battery and then the lights went dead. This could indicate a problem in the charging system.
Could be ....1. - Bad/dirty cables
2. - Bad alternator or connections.
3. - Bad voltage regulator

Does the car start with a jump?
I would disconnect the battery and see if it will charge itself up or get it charged. Then start the car.

What we used to do in the old days is ....start the car...let it warm....disconnect the battery while the car is running. It should stay running if the charging system is working.

DO NOT DO THI ON NEW CARS..... It can hurt the electronics.

It is possible that you have a battery that will no longer hold a charge thus the car will not start.
Just a quick thought from an old backyard mechanic....Print Dad
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I went ahead and took pictures of mine. I hope this helps.
Those are great pictures.I am working on a 73 Mach 1 and my question is that on the firewall to the left theirs two wires going to looks like an insulator that is bolted to the firewall.Mine has crumbled and whats it called and where to get one.
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Not exactly sure what wires your wanting to identify, if you can take a picture of what your talking about I can try looking in my wiring diagram book to see what it is called.

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