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1977 Mustang II Wheel upgrade please help.

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I am new to this sight. I have a 1977 cobra II that I am looking to up grade to a 5 lug, and I was wondering what I have to do inorder to get 17" wheels on her all the way around. Its a really good look and I decided to go for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Goose,
I am new to this thread also. I am restoring a 1978 Cobra II for a client. He did not have the budget to convert to five lug so we went to H&R Suspension out of Germany. The sell a bolt on adaptor called a Trak+ that gives you the proper offset to run the 4-lug wheels that normally go on the Fox body cars. We went with the 16x7 Type R wheels (they also come in 17") with 225/50HR16 tires. They fit GREAT! The part number is 50346331. We did have to take them to the machine shop and have the hub holes bored larger to go over the hubs (these are originally made for Festivas) but that only cost $30.00
Normally I would not recommend spacers, but these bolt on and have studs to bolt the wheels to, very heavy duty. You will need 1/2"RH nuts to bolt the spacer on and 12MMx1.25RH nuts to bolt the wheel to the spacer.
I know you are looking at the 5-lug conversion which would yield bigger brakes but just thought I would post this for you and others to consider as an inexpensive yet effective alternative.
Hey ,

Thanks for the info I will keep that in mind. I have heard that when you convert the front to five lug you get the clearence because of the Granada rotors but I am not sure if that is true.
I used the setup from a 74 Gran Torino Elite to convert mine over and a 9in in the rear. Welcome to the site.
You could also use a 8 inch or 9 inch rear end out of a 1964 to 1966 Mustang, direct bolt in :bigthumbsup. There are others that have been used and will work but some mods are necessary to make them fit. As for the front you can go with direct replace 9 inch rotor or one of the big brake conversions kits.
Have a machine shop redrill your axles to 5 hole for about 100.00 and use ranger rear drums, then use granada front rotors. Just remember that the backspacing should not be greater than 4" or you will have rub issues in the front, the rear is more forgiving.
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