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1978 Mustang II-frame rail connectors

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so guys give me some ideas for frame rail connectors.
right now i plan on staying with the leaf springs and runnin a slide-a-link style tracion system but the frame rails dont line up at all so i was thinkin of runnin a piece of 2x4 up from the leafs and then tying everything together with crossover round pipe but im not set on the idea if you have better ideas sen them with pics i'll love ya goin to the track tomorrow to watch my bud with a way fast fox
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thanks guys
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Theres a guy on ebay that is selling them. I think that I am going to try his out.
what are they listed under becuase i try to go thru ebay once a week lookin under parts just to see whats there
Are you referring to weld/bolt in subframe connectors?
i'm goin to weld in
i guess fab my own just lookin for ideas
since the front frame rails dont run parrallel with the front rear spring mount.
The reason I asked is I got a set of these from this guy. If that helps you at all.

Subframe Connectors : M-II Bolt-On SFC Kit
they look like they will work but i would put a couple of tack welds on them too. i just got done welding my driverside rear wheel well back in. i guess there was a little bit a twist on that unibody. let me know how those work out for you and how much i might be intrested in a pair
i was just laying up under my car trying to figure out what is the rear tie in point? i got the front but the rear does it mount to the leaf spring mount or what planing on putting at least 450 -500 hp to the tire so i'm concerned about the front rear leaf spring mounts. thanks
broke down and order the sub-frame connectors from stumpy should be here today or tommorrow i'll take detailed pictures of the intstallation if anybody else is wondering i plan on welding them in once i bolt them in for extra stiffness. well let me know
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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