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1979 Camaro Z28 no match for a 2006 Mustang GT

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My dad bought a '79 camaro at tha local car show a few months back.He had been talkin trash ever since he got it.Hes a die hard chevy man.So one day after work i had enough of it and told to him race.His car is fixed up so i got a little worried when he came out of tha driveway burnin rubber slidin sideways..Anyways i burnt my tires and got em warmed up and we lined up.Tha road we were on was out in tha country and it was straight for bout a mile.So he motioned with his fingers one,two,three go and we took off.I had him right from tha begining!I jumped ahead of him a few car lengths and held him off for tha quater mile we dragged.I saw him get off of it and new i had won.Theres no better feelin...:bigthumbsup
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Well, he shouldve known better! Maybe now he'll go buy himself a Mustang.
I bet he wasnt to happy losing to his son especially in a ford (since hes a chevy guy and all). Nice kill although it was your dad lol.
Lol thanx.. I have to admit though it does feel good to beat your dad..
Racing your Dad thats got to be hilarious, I dont imagine racing my dad in his Escape(haha) but nice kill though hope he sells it and go buy a 68' Mustang Gt Fastback 390 or a 70' Mustang Boss 302 :hihi:
Hes talkin bout gettin tha new camaro when it comes out.Now that will be a race!

I was around and a young car nut in 1979. That was not a good year for the Camaro, or any other production car for that matter. Your dad should have known that. It was still a good kill. :gringreen
Well when he was a teen he had a bad 73 camaro and thats what he wanted but he found the 79 at tha car show for a good price so he settled with that for now..
Good kill. I know it's real fun to race the father and win. I did it twice. First against his '72 el camino after he made fun of my car, beat that and couldn't even count how many lengths he was behind me, he got furious and said I'll get you, bought a '87 I-roc z camaro, and i whooped him again! After that he gave up and said my car was the best blue oval ever made.
now that is quality father/son time!..good kill!
ah man, nice kill.

reminds me of the time (the one and only time) I beat my dad and in his own car. it was a timed autocross and I whipped him and I let him know it too. for two whole months!

oh, great feeling.
Yup it sure is..
remember those times. when your older , those kind of memories will bring a smile to your face and probably a tear to your eye. don't take a single moment for granted. we're not guaranteed another.

great kill, man. another slow-maro looking @ mustang dual exhaust & tail lights. :bigthumbsup
Yeah thats true nearly stock 5.0..Need to cherish them moments
I am a big Second Gen Camaro Buff. the 350 in 1978-81 only put out 195 HP if i am not mistaken. from 78-81 if you wanted a 5.7 350 you had to have an Automatic. IF YOU WANTED A 4/SPEED then you got a 5.0 305. you could get a 350 4/speed but it had to be sold out of the main US. i had a 78 Z28 350 4/speed. it was from Hawaii.
My first car ever was a 1980 Z28 auto with the 350. My good friend had an 86 model mustang gt. He owned me at the light but if we raced from 50 or so I would keep up. Still I had mustang envy all through high school. I got the stang now though and he is driving a Nissan Xterra. Yeah I have rubbed it in a few times. Still those were fun times back then.
i only lost to a stang once. i put a new Carb on my Z and the Rear butterflys would not open. of course i new how to pick my races!!!!lol
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