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1979 Cobra Value?

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I was just wondering if anyone could give me an estiamated value of a 79 cobra with a 306, Aluminum GT40 heads, roller rockers, mild cam, holly 4 barrel carb, edelbrock intake. 15 gal fuel cell. full length sub frame connectors. say the interior is a 7/10. rebuilt rear diff. Needs to be repainted. aside from needing paint, body is a strong 8/10. no rust anywhere. C4 trans. and please, don't give me the, its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.
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Yeah, The condition and how original the car is are what matter if you were looking to get more money because its a "classic"

But from what you are saying, it seems like there has been a fair amount of modifications made to the car, and the bad paint doesn't help ether . It may be a cobra, but since it isn't 100% original, all everyone else is going to see is just another 36 yr old foxbody that someone has been tinkering around with.
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