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1982 Mustang GT Restoration

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I totaled my 1984 mustang gt 5.0 HO about a month ago and went to a junkyard and bought a 1982 mustang gt with t-tops and am now restoring with parts from my 1984, motor(302 rv cam jegs roller rockers edelbrock 650 cfm) , transmission(T-5), interior(canyon red), ect. will post pics soon please leave feedback should i keep mt t-5 or use the t-10 thats in the car now.
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Welcome and thanks for joining us.
Love the front end on those 82's. Welcome to the forums!:)
Well i cut the floorpans out of the 1982 yesterday and then completely ripped out the plastic, seats, and carpet of the 1984 then cut those floorpans out and welded them onto the 1982. Its slowly coming along im a senior in highschool and only have about 3-4 hours a day to work on it. today we're starting to pull the motor and transmission out of the 1984 and then pullin the bare block in the 82 out the 82 has the t-10 toploader in it stock and the car i totaled has the t-5 with a hurst short throw(40% less)
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In my opinion.....I'd use the 4 spd that came in the '82.
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