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1984 GT interior light issue

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I was looking around and couldn't seem to come up with an answer for this. I have an 84 GT the interior lights and map light are very dim, almost look like when you have a dead battery. so dim that at night if i turn them on or use the map light i need to holds something 6" away from them to get any amount of light to see. I thought maybe the battery, but with the engine running, or with jumper cables hooked up the lights dont change, not even a little. this is a bit frustrating as my other 84 GT interior lights are so bright you need sunglasses. both cars are stock. what else should i check? voltage regulator maybe?
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try the dimmer switch :gringreen

Dimmer switch is all the way up, also that wouldn't affect the brightness of the map light, at least it doesn't in my other 84, nor does it dim the interior lights in my other 84, just the panel lights.

just went and tried it to be sure, dimmer switch works perfect, dims panel lights no problem. Panel lights are actually brighter than interior lights.
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