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1984 LX Engine and Transmission Swap Questions

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Hi guys, new here, but not new to Fords or projects.

Long story short, my daily/project at the moment is a 2006 Focus ST, cleanly modified, and even installed a GT28R setup running 12psi.

But that's beside the point.

I was referred to this forum by a buddy who told me you guys all know your stuff pretty well, and was hoping you could answer a few questions. If all goes well, I'll stick around for quite some time during this project.

I have a 1984 LX 5.0 convertible, and I am unfortunate enough to have an automatic transmission along with it.

The automatic finally gave out at the end of last year, and this summer, my dad and I need a project as usual.

We are budgeted around $5,000 to do a complete motor and transmission swap, and would love to have something like a crate motor that would make some great power right out of the box. Keeping it in the 5.0 family would be ideal.

My Mustang knowledge is pretty slim, so I would love to hear some suggestions about the following:

-What motor should we go with?
-Where do we find a motor?
-What transmission and where to find it?
-Necessary supporting modifications?

thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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Depends on how many horseys u want. I say buy an old motor from a junkyard rebuild it gt40heads and some bboltons and rebuild the aod and spent the rest on booze and hoars. But that's just me:hihi:
A junkyard 96-01 Explorer 5.0 with a fox Mustang t5 manual or automatic will get u 300 HP flywheem then spend the rest of the money on supporting mods... FYI b sure to swap the Cam and valve springs for better ones

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What's the HP goal?
A stock 5.0 block is only good for 400-550 hp range. If you will be under that you have many options:
Stock short block with good heads
Stock long lock with forced induction.
Strock the 302 to 347
Or a 351w is a great upgrade if you won't big power on budget

The swap from an aod (aotomatic) to a 5 speed isn't too hard. There is a thread in the stickies on it. The T5 is limited on how much power it will hold.
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Thanks for the quick responses guys.

As for power, we're actually looking to get some big numbers, hopefully 350-400 or above. crazy power is fine, i'd imagine our budget of 5-6k could buy us something with a blower, perhaps a crate motor?

thanks again for answering my questions.

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I was digging through time slips today, and I saw my old 1983 with an "engine swap" ran low nine's at nearly 150 MPH with a single Holley 4 bbl.

More practical though, a set of good aluminum heads, with a good cam grind, good headers, and a good intake and carb would easily get you 350-400 HP and be streetable. You might want to buy a good crate motor. That's the way to go, although they are usually under-cammed.
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keep researching gabe.....:winks sounds like a fun project for you and your dad.
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