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1984 Mustang SVO Need tips on safely removing crank sensor

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Im about to change the crank position sensor in my 84svo and i need some tips on how to do so. I havent touched the car yet and would like some guidance. what tools do i need and how do i remove the crank pulley and harmonic balancer? Any help is appreciated.
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I would be glad to explain to you how to remove a crank sensor in a 1984 SVO BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE ONE. IT ALSO DOES NOT HAVE A CAM SENSOR. Its TFI :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono:
Tom Renzo is correct but there is a slim chance it does. Some of the 2.3 turbo people have converted to a crank sensor. To get rid of the TFI and get rid of distributor and go to coil paks. But they are few. Write up on it.
Here is the old write up on the subject
Not meaning to be smart but if have a distributor there is no cranksensor if don't have, yes have cranksensor. I pulled one of a j-yard to convert mine in future. Need radiator out of way and all belts out of way. Remove gear nut. It will be tight. Gear puller for pulley. Then remove timing belt cover and leave timing belt alone. Fasten to block with 2 bolts and wiring unpluggeds. Hope that helps and don't confuse everyone.
Thanks for the info mg man but im afraid my car is bone stock and i dont know much about these cars obviously. Im trying to get the shop manual used in ford dealer from one of my friends 'cause that one from autopart store sucks, And i wont have to rely on "HELP and ADVISE" like the one provided by TOM RENZO guy:so
Ok if you want to remove the cover to inspect the timing belt . Here is the scoop. Remove everyhing that is in your way .Rad fan belts pulleys etc. Then remove the damper bolt. You can do this with an impact wrench. Once it is removed the front pulley will pull off by hand. Sometimes the pulley rusts on and then you will have to make a puller. I make them fromtwo long 5/16 bolts bent 90* at the hex. Then pass them through the two holes in the pulley. Then use a steering wheel puller to pull the pulley off. The pulley is easy to bend so de careful. TOM
Thank you TOM, but i guess theres no need for me to do all that scince THERE IS NO CRANK NOR CAM SENSOR ON A 84SVO.
Some tech info here on the svo.
The Library
Thats a really cool website i've added it to my favorites. By any chance do you know what shop manual is best for my car and where can i get one. Thanks.
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