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I finally took the tranny to a T5 specialist who, for $50, would open it up and give me a prognosis. Well even before he had the cover off he saw the problem. Seems the last owner, in trying to most likely fill the tranny, removed the exact wrong bolt. This bolt, NOT THE FILL PLUG, was the 5th/rev fork pivot pin bolt. So the fork was just flopping arround in there. $73.28 later it was inspected, found to be almost new and shinny, resealed, and he even installed my short shifter for me.

So if anyone needs T5 or most any motor/drivetrain help and is north of San Francisco see John at Sears Point Raceway, sorry Infinion Raceway.

Cerini Motor Sports

29115 Arnold Dr
Sonoma, CA 95476 map
district: Sonoma

Tel. +1 707.938.3979
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