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1986 GT Convertible

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Hello all I have an opportunity to buy a 1986 GT Convertible 156,000 miles, I have only seen pictures but car looks great no rust body looks straight, cloth interior, automatic, runs and drives owner says tranny is slipping, and has a tranny fluid leak, any ideas as to tranny fix low end repair to high end replacement. Also are these cars somewhat rare? I have not seen too many here in the Northeast and this one looks like a buy he is asking 2,000. Really appreciate any info you can provide, I did have a 1991 3.2 LX convertible I recently sold.
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Maybe $500-$600 low end to rebuild and AOD, you'll also has costs to replace the converter, which I don't think would be a bad idea. Many companies sell aftermarket AODs, so a quick google search should show some costs of buying a new one.

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rebuilding an AOD is possible to do at home but it does require some special tools that are not cheap. an 86 AOD is known to be relatively weak. an 89 AOD would be a good substitute. I would look to find a rebuilt AOD for an 89 off ebay or somewhere. I plan to rebuild the AOD out of my 89 in the next few weeks. I ordered a monster in a box rebuild kit for 499.00 which has basically all the parts I should need to rebuild it. I bought the specialty tools a few years ago to rebuild my daughters AOD however. just because I wanted to do it. for a one time deal however it would probably be cheaper to buy a rebuilt one. right now monster is having an incredible sale if you want a really good transmission at what is a bargain for what goes into it. 1049 for a mild rebuild and 1200 for a mega monster.
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