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1986 gt pinion troubles 911 please help.

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Okay soooo went to replace my pinion seal. I was going to put in some new 3.73s but It already had them. so I figured ok ill just do the seal. the diff fluid and the cover gasket. well it took me 5 secs to take off the shaft and remove the pinion bolt with my fingers. that easy. the fluid was leaking from the loose pinion shaft bolt. Before I took it off There was alot of play in the pinion as soon as I took the driveshaft off. now the teeth on the pinion look good. everything in the diff looks good. but what do I torque the pinion bolt too? My plan was to count the threads and mark it all up the way it came off. PLEASE HELP. Thanks again....
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Its been a while since I last done a rear end (no pun intended)... I remember when I installed the yoke back on the pinion I always rattle jacked it real quick. Then you use a torque wrench to find the "running torque" or the lightest amount of torque it takes to make the pinion spin continously. There should be torque specs around the internet for that. As for the crush sleeve I can not recall its installation location at this time.
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