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1986 Mustang, Carb 351w Igntion Problems

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I have got the ignition box off of a 1985 5.0 carb my cfi v6 coil and my distributer off of a 1980 351w. I wired it all up like my wiring diagrams and all the websites say but when I pull the spark plug out and set it on one of the shock bolts I don't see any spark. My engine doesn't start I am waiting till next week for my gas line connecters to get here I put just a bit in the carb thinking maybe it would kick over but nothing just around and a around. Maybe I wired it wrong yet? If I understood the concept of the ignition I might be able to wire it but since I don't I am just guessing off the internet!

Help! Please! and thank you
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if i have any real advise to give someone about 351w ignition
here it is:

I was in the same boat you were last week.
went on ebay, spent 74$ with shipping for an HEI

you put it on, run the battery wire and tach.. DONE
take your ignition module and trash it.. tear all that wiring out and TRASH IT

one battery wire from the key
one tach wire

Thats it. starts better now, runs better now, revs quicker now

its like a msd coil, ignition box, distrubutor... all in the distributor

Its awesome!! only seen the DUI ones on some drag cars, and now i know the duraspark is WAAYYY outdated lol

My ignition module was on the fritz again, already replaced it once.
and the coil kinda... blew up lol yea oil came out, and the bottom was Swole

SO i threw it all away, lol...

you can get NICE hei setups, the NICE ones are like 400$ and i think the proform brand is like 175$ still worth it

the 75k race coil doesnt lose not 1 volt until 9,500 rpm

and the 50k volt voil i got wont loose a volt at all until 7,500rpm

my 351w revs faster, idles and starts better, and a LOT BETTER gas mileage

it improved MPG by a few, no joke
Anyone else using this HEI setup?
Simple, clean and gets rid of more crap from under the hood!

I was checking it out and of course I have my doubts about some ebay sellers, if you wouldn't mind sending me a msg with who you got yours from chattanooga, (if you think it's quality) I would appreciate it.
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