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1986 Mustang, Hey everyone, just some background on me and my car.

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hey everyone

I'm new to this site although i have used it many times to troubleshoot issues i've had with my 1994 v6 mustang. Currently my car is off insurance because i am planning and saving up to do a 5.0 swap. I have bought the doner car already, its a 1986 that i bought off a buddy of mine for 250$. I have possession of the whole car but i only own the engine, tranny, driveshaft, rear end, ECU and all the wiring. Ive done lots of reading and research and i think i can do it myself with the help of some knowledgeable friends. Anyways thats just some background on myself. Peace out
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Well good luck on your project. Welcome to the site.
:hello: and :welcome , Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Be sure to post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
Welcome... You should find the 5.0 section a good resource.
welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
Hiya, welcome to the site. Check out the 5.0 sections and good luck on it.
Thanks everyone
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