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1986 Mustang Motor Swap

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Hello just recently joined in hopes to gather as much information as I could I just recently bought a 1986 mustang the body is in great shape but the motor is lacking in its department. I got a good deal on the car I was wonder whats the best engine I could put in her without hurting wallet to much and something can make/handle power. This will be a weekend driver and a occasionally track car. I know my way around a wench and consider this to be a hobby sort of deal. Any valuable input will be much appreciated. Thanks
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I have a 1986 Foxbody too. An alternative is to find an engine out of a 5.0 Explorer if you can get a good deal. They have the GT40 intake, heads, and ect. Then port out the intake and heads. You could also snatch up a couple of junkyard parts like electric fans from a 5.0 cougar and then convert over to MAF. Did you give rear end gears a try yet? I have 3.73s and it was a huge step up from the stock 2.73s. Another important thing is sub frame connectors. I still need to buy or make some for my mustang.
Yes the car already has 3.73. What year of explorer would u recommend? Im not to worry about alternative parts the car will be carbd I just wanna good foundamentle base to start with. Budget is around 2000$
Mustang 5.0L 302 Economy Short Block Accepts Roller Cam (79-95) (non forged for 1,000)

Mustang 5.0L 302 Economy Short Block w/ Forged Pistons Accepts Roller Cam (79-95)
(forged for 2,000)

you could throw whichever heads you want on the block or since you said the budget is low hunt around for a set of rebuilt GT40's or a used set from a reputable place and used upper and lower intakes are always floating around on ebay and or craigslist for cheep then just switch over your oil pain and stuff like that
Just remember that the MTO can check your car for emissions controls if removing them is part of your plan. It's not likely you'll get caught, but if you do it is a wallop of a fine plus a repair order.

As far as buying in Canada, either KIJIJI or hit up a few of the local clubs lime GTAMC or TMC as well as giving MustangSpecialteaz in Georgretown a call.

$2000 is not that much when it comes to building a motor, but you can buy one someone else has built in your budget. If you are not good with carbs (and I mean good) then find someone that is and see if they can get it running right before you replace it.

Mail order over the border for that engine would double the price if they even agree to ship to Canada. Work with local suppliers, even though the initial price is higher, after taxes and shipping they are almost always comparable.
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