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1987 Ignition Issues

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Hey Folks, I am once again in need of a little help.

The car in Question is my 87 gt convertible.

Last night on the way home it shutoff and would not re-fire. Would crank over but not start. I had no spark. had to tow it home.

It has had an intermittent miss for a few weeks so I did the usual maintenance by changing plugs, wires, fuel filter and just for fun I changed out the coil. this was all done before It quit in the last couple of weeks

The ignition switch was replaced on it a few months ago when the heater core was done.

This brings me to this morning, turn key on I hear fuel pump come on I checked all fuses (GOOD) but no spark. I checked the salt and pepper shaker connections, swapped the coil to the original one, still no spark.
So I bought an Advanced auto complete distributor and swapped it out and the car fires up but runs like [email protected] the longer it runs the worse it gets.

Am I missing something?

Thinking I may have gotten a piece of Chinese Junk but I want to check everything before taking it back.

I set the timing with the spout connector unplugged, tried to adjust Idle and set the voltage on the tps but the car still is not drivable.
It now will backfire at times while setting at Idle.

Thinking maybe I'm have a wiring issue in the harness.

Is there a troubleshooting guide available somewhere to help me chase these gremlins? Or a book that is suggested?

I'm A retired 40+ year mechanic and this thing is making me pull what little hair I have left out.

sorry for the long winded post
Thanks Tom
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Glad to hear. I had this distributor issue a while back and it turned out to be the PIP sensor inside the distributor. Like you, I got a known good distributor and tried that. Fired right up and its been working great for quite a few months now. My only concern now is when will this PIP sensor go out? Hopefully won't!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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