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1987 Ignition Issues

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Hey Folks, I am once again in need of a little help.

The car in Question is my 87 gt convertible.

Last night on the way home it shutoff and would not re-fire. Would crank over but not start. I had no spark. had to tow it home.

It has had an intermittent miss for a few weeks so I did the usual maintenance by changing plugs, wires, fuel filter and just for fun I changed out the coil. this was all done before It quit in the last couple of weeks

The ignition switch was replaced on it a few months ago when the heater core was done.

This brings me to this morning, turn key on I hear fuel pump come on I checked all fuses (GOOD) but no spark. I checked the salt and pepper shaker connections, swapped the coil to the original one, still no spark.
So I bought an Advanced auto complete distributor and swapped it out and the car fires up but runs like [email protected] the longer it runs the worse it gets.

Am I missing something?

Thinking I may have gotten a piece of Chinese Junk but I want to check everything before taking it back.

I set the timing with the spout connector unplugged, tried to adjust Idle and set the voltage on the tps but the car still is not drivable.
It now will backfire at times while setting at Idle.

Thinking maybe I'm have a wiring issue in the harness.

Is there a troubleshooting guide available somewhere to help me chase these gremlins? Or a book that is suggested?

I'm A retired 40+ year mechanic and this thing is making me pull what little hair I have left out.

sorry for the long winded post
Thanks Tom
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thanks for the reply
the distributor was brand new not a rebuild
I checked the grounds didn't find anything wrong

I have a call in to a buddy of mine that thinks he may have a distributor out of a running 90 that I can borrow
I'm going to try that and go from there.
I thought I would drop in and tell everyone the new distributor was the problem.

After replacing the distributor the intermittent misfire is also gone :)
the last follow up

I want to add a final follow up on the issues I was having on my car.

I installed a known good distributor in the car and it ran great so I returned the distributor that I bought from advance auto parts.

The distributor was a brand new unit in a car quest box

Thinking was I wouldn't get 2 in a row bad I just exchanged it for another one.

Installed set timing and all was good .... for about 20 miles!

Started running bad no power cutting off ect.

The car suddenly was no longer drivable!had to have it towed! two tows in as many weeks. Glad I have AAA

I pulled on wires around the salt and pepper connectors around the distributor seemed like it made a difference would run, but really bad.

I looked at all the connectors and noticed that many had one or both clips broke so I decided to replace the engine harness with the harness made by Ron Francis.
The harness is a direct replacement and fits great very happy with the quality and fit!
I would recommend the harness to anyone in need of the injector harness.

After the new harness the car ran a little better or maybe it was wishful thinking as it was still un-drivable.

I was looking for a computer to try and mentioned the problem to one of my customers at work and he brought me a known good distributor and computer to try.
The distributor is quicker and easier to swap so I did that first and when I did the car runs better than it has since I bought it!!

So the moral of my story DO NOT use a distributor from Advance auto parts that is in a Car Quest box!
I also noticed the box says lifetime guarantee but the receipt was one year!
Makes me wonder about the quality (just saying....)

There were many hours of aggravation and many dollars spent because of Junk parts

By the way I had to return the borrowed distributor so I took
Hockeyman48's advice and bought the Richporter brand distributor from O'Rileys and it works great!:)
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It's possible my problems got worse as the car got warm.
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