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1987 Mustang bogging down

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I have an 87 mustang gt, has bbk shortys and h pipe, 3.73s, converted to mass air. It idles fine and will run smooth if I baby it but if I try to open it up any then it will bog down real bad, my mass air conversion was just fine for about a month, so I don't think that would be it, I checked all the wires and they seem fine. I have changed the fuel filter, and the spark plugs, I tested the fuel pressure and it's at 32 psi, I hear it's supposed to be at 38. Would 6 psi make that big of a difference or is it something else?
I just don't want to spend money on un needed parts, thanks for any help
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6 pounds doesn't sound like much but that could be your problem. you did test it with the vacuum line off?

You may want to take off your EGR valve and see if it is mucked up with carbon/grime. Could also be the EGR actuator. I have a 91 GT but I am assuming that the 87 has the same EGR valve.
I tested the fuel pressure again last night, and it was reading 32, then when I took off the vacuum line from the regulator, it shot up to like 41ish. I remember this meaning that either the pump or the regulator was bad, but I don't remember which
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