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1987 mustang convertible top problems

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im really hoping someone can help me with this problem,i just bought my first convertible about 2 months ago and i had the top replaced,once i picked up the car i was told to wait 1 month to lower the top do to streaching (understandable) so i waited the month and then i went to lower the top,seeing as how this was my first converible and no one at the shop would tell me how to lower the top i called my local ford dealer to which they told me to unsnap and unzip the back window to prevent seperation from the glass and top,so i did just as they told me and undid the window,as the top moved away from the front windshield everything looked as if it was working fine then once the top got about half way down the back glass first thought was did i have something in the trunk tha i had forgoen about so i checked and the trunk was i called the shop that installed my top and they told me that it was my fault the glass broke and that i never should have undone the glass.the next day i ran into the person i bought the car from at the local walmart and he even said to undo the glass in order to lower the top,so personaly im thinking that the glass broke do to and instalation error how ever i cant get the shop to admit to it and they refuse to give me a new glass unless i give them another 500 bucks im thining about taking this matter to small clames court so any info will help. thank you in advance.........also i have a T-5 from a 1995 gt i used to own and i was thinking about swaping the auto TPI transmission thats in the 1987 for the T-5 and i just wanted to know if they i could do that once again thanks for any info yall may have
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I think that the fact that the Ford dealer alone telling you to undo the glass to lower the top is enough proof to win in a small claims court. Now I don't know if you should or should not remove the glass when lowering the top, but the fact that the owner before you says that's what he did with the old top is also proof that even if your not suppose to do that, it won't damage the glass. So I think its the shops fault and they should just replace the glass anyways to keep a customer. It's kinda of a bad business move to only save $500 when they know they are probably wrong.
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you do not have to unzip to lower. when they told you to to leave the top up to stretch its only for about a week then you adjust the j hooks if they need too. thats to tighten the header bow to the top of the windshield. all you do to lower is unlatch push the button till the top lifts up then push latches back in and hold button till top is laid back. easy as that if you ever ask ford dealer again ask them to show you how to do whatever your asking then if it messes up they have to pay for it now!!!!

ive installed both my tops myself 1 on my 89 and 1 on my 87.
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you do not have to unzip to lower.
I just lower mine without unzipping also.
Even though you were given some bad advice from the dealer, I don't see how you can hold the shop that did the install accountable. They did not tell you to unzip the window.
I would just suck it up, replace the window and be on my way.
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With the foxes all you need to do is to unlatch them and let the motor do the job for you assuming the trunk is kept free of stuff aside from that lowering and raising the top should not be an issue. the usual time frame to let the top stretch is a week should not be longer.
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