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I am starting to plan my engine and tranny swap and I need some help. I have a 1987 Mustang GT with a 302HO and AOD transmission but the overdrive is out on my AOD. I want to put a 5 speed in instead of getting my AOD rebuilt and I also have been wanting to put a 351W in it so I figured I'd both at once. For now I just want to get the 351W in it, get it swapped to a 5 speed and get it running but eventually I want to stroke it to a 427. Since I plan on stroking it I think that a TKO 600 would be the best transmission for me. Using this walk through, Ford Mustang: Mustang Tech: Transmission and Drivetrain: AODE to T5 Swap, I put together the best parts list I could on summit and was hoping that you guys could look it over and tell me if I missed anything or if there are incompatible parts. I don't know where to get a clutch pedal at and I am not sure if the throwout bearing and pilot bearing will work with a TKO 600 or if the flywheel is right one. I also don't know what bellhousing bolts to use or what clutch dust shield and flywheel bolts I need. This is the parts list I put together from Summit and just pasted in for the tranny swap. Now on to the engine. I was thinking I would get the engine from something like a F150 or Bronco. I don't know if that's a good idea though because I think I read somewhere that in '94 or '95 the 351 went to a hydraulic cam and that the older blocks are stronger because they have more webbing or something like that. Does anyone have any suggestions on a donor vehicle I can get the motor from?

Ford Racing M-4602-G - Ford Racing Driveshaft Assemblies

Driveshaft, 1330 U-Joint, Aluminum, One Piece, Ford, Mustang, Each
Part Number: FMS-M-4602-G

Ford Racing M-4841-A - Ford Racing Transmission Yokes

Yoke, Steel, 1330, Ford, C-6/T-45/3650, 31-Spline, Each
Part Number: FMS-M-4841-A

Ford Racing M-5059-A - Ford Racing Transmission Crossmembers

Crossmember, Transmission, Steel, Natural, Ford, Mercury, Fox-Body, Kit
Part Number: FMS-M-5059-A

Ford Racing M-6392-R58 - Ford Racing Bellhousings
Aluminum, Ford, Mustang, Small Block, Tremec Transmission, Each

Part Number: FMS-M-6392-R58

Ford Racing M-6397-A302 - Ford Racing Pressure Plate Bolt and Dowel Kits
Pressure Plate Bolts, Hex Head, Steel, Natural, Ford, 5.0L, Kit
Part Number: FMS-M-6397-A302

Ford Racing M-7003-R58H - Ford Racing Cobra R Tremec 5-Speed HD Transmissions

Transmission, Manual, Tremec ,TKO 600, 5-Speed HD, Ford, Mustang, Each
Part Number: FMS-M-7003-R58H

Ford Racing M-7050-A - Ford Racing T-5 Bearing Retainers

Bearing Retainer, Steel/Aluminum, Ford T-5, V8, Each
Part Number: FMS-M-7050-A

Ford Racing M-7548-A - Ford Racing Throwout Bearings

Throwout Bearing, 1 1/16 in. Shaft Diameter, Heavy-Duty, Ford, Mustang, Each
Part Number: FMS-M-7548-A

Ford Racing M-7550-T302 - Ford Racing Clutch Discs

Clutch Disc, Organic, 1 1/8 in.- 26-Spline, 10.5 in. Disc, Ford, Mercury, 4.6, 5.0L, Each

Part Number: FMS-M-7550-T302

Ford Racing M-7553-B302 - Ford Racing V-8 Mustang Adjustable Clutch Linkage Kits

Clutch Cable, with Aluminum Quadrant, Adjustable, Ford, Mercury, Mustang, Capri, 5.0L, Kit
Part Number: FMS-M-7553-B302

Ford Racing M-7563-A302N - Ford Racing Pressure Plates

Pressure Plate, Diaphram, 40 % More Holding Power Than Stock, Ford, Mustang, Each

Part Number: FMS-M-7563-A302N

Ford Racing M-7600-A - Ford Racing Roller Pilot Bearings

Pilot Bearing, Steel, Roller-Type, Ford, Each

Part Number: FMS-M-7600-A

Ford Racing M-6375-A302AB - Ford Racing Flywheels

Flywheel, Aluminum, 157-Tooth, 28.2 oz. External Balance, Ford, 302, 351W, Each
Part Number: FMS-M6375A302AB
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