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1987 Mustang GT Fuel Pressure

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:happyhapp My Mustang (5.0 manual) will start but won't restart when warmed up. I have checked timing, the computer, the air sensor, and thought it maybe fuel pressure. Does anyone know what the pressure should be?
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Does anyone know what the pressure should be?
38-42 psi is the acceptable range.....
When it won't restart, what does the tach do? Stay normal or jump around?
my fuel pressure is at 25psi when key is on position and 38psi when i try to start is that right or no
Proper way to set your fuel pressure is to start the car, let it idle, then unhook the vacuum line going to the FPR (and plug it so you don't have a leak), then set your pressure.

Where is your timing set? To much advance can cause hard starts when warm.
That may be your issue. Try pulling that back to 12-14 and see if that helps.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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