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Hello all, I am new here and just trying to get some input on my transmission issue. I do apologize ahead of time if i have posted or asked my question in the wrong spot. I selected off topic because i figured it'd be the safest place to post without people getting mad if i have posted in the wrong spot. Anyway,

I have a 1987 mustang gt. The motor (302) has been built by previous owner. I got the car and decided to get on it a bit. When i got in i noticed the clutch was Hard as a rock! I know its supposed to be hard but this is hard. I put it in 1st gear and let up clutch slowly and felt fine (minus the hardness) after sifting into 2nd at about 3k R's i gunned it. right as i was about to shift i heard a big BANG along with a jerk and the engine died. I got it back in my driveway and it wouldn't start. I looked at my fuel pressure gauge and had no pressure. It dawned on me about 15 mins later they had the inertia switch and figured the jerk tripped it. Sure enough it did. engine starts! But, tranny is shot. if i leave it in Neutral after starting it and let off the clutch it'll do a few things. Sometimes, when i let off the clutch in Neutral i hears a loud grinding or when in neutral, i let off the clutch and the engine will start to stall as if it was in gear but the car doesn't move like it would when in gear. I know the T5 transmissions are not the best to begin with but and suggestions on what it may be? I know its tough to say without looking at it. I thought maybe it was the Input bearing retainer broke and the input shaft if getting caught up or maybe hitting it. I did buy a new steel HD retainer just in case.

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. and again, My apologies if i am in the wrong spot here.

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