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1987 Mustang GT with engine and transmission problems

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I just returned from deployment and what do I see. A 1987 Mustang GT for $1700. I come not say no. The body and interior it in excellant condition, but I engine and transmission has problems. I replaced the fuel fitler, air filter, plugs, and wires and the majority of my power loss/ studdering stopper. I have noticed that around my 4th and 8th piston on my valve covers are leaking aswell as my radiator. On my way to the part store I decided to clean up the ride. While taking of the t-tops, I broke the driver side one. After vacuuming the glass out, i tring to pull out but it wouldn't start. After troubleshooting, it pointed at the fuel pump. In the ten days I have owned my my first pony, this is my list:

-Leaky valve covers
-Leaky radiator
-Rubbing tires
-Faulty fuel pump

I am not a mechanic and the thought of getting down and dirty trying to replace the valve cover gaskets scares the crap out of me. I need advice and I will my pay for someone else to do it for me.
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Welcome... Let's see what the 5.0 crew can come up with.
I bought an 87 Gt for 1400$.same type problems studdering/misfire lack of power.I installed plugs wires ans filters hepled out alot.

I installed a cobra upper and lower with a friend of mine,It took us a little while and also replaced valve covers as well.I am not the most mechanicalli inclined person but we did it and everything worked out well.
I think you will be fine,take your time remember what bolts go where, and you will save some money.Good luck
- Leaky valve covers means the gaskets are bad and they will need replacing. Its not that hard, you might have to remove the upper intake to get some room to work.

- Leaky radiator hmm.. if its the radiator thats leaking it could mean that the car overheated at some point because overheating means boiling coolant and the result is a busted radiator. Its Like putting alkazelser in a jar with a sealed cap, pressure builds causing it to pop off or leak. They do sell sealants for radiators at you local parts store. If you wanna be on the safe side pick up a stock radiator from the junk yard.

- Rubbing tires probably means its been in a accident. The frame might be tweaked causing improper tire rotation. It can also be a bent axle causing it to rub. If it vibrates alot on the freeway that could be the problem. It can also be worn u joints and a bent drive shaft.

- For the fuel pump you probably need to change it that can be a reason why it wont start. If your stang spuders then you know it could be a dirty fuel filter or fuel pump like you said. It might not be a faulty fuel pump though it can be that your not getting proper voltage.

For $1700 its not bad of a deal all your stang needs is some TLC. If you put time into it you'll get it running right. run some diagnostic codes and start from there.
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I get a new 3-core radiator and a new fuel pump. Problem is that the new pump isn't working either. I by-passed the fuel cut off and sill nothing. The fuel cut off isn't getting power. All fuses are good. Beside a possible bad wire, what else can I check and where is it located. Is there some kind of relay somewhere? My buddy is telling me that there might be one but he does know where it is at. Again, I'm not a mechanic without a owners manuel, only a Chilton book.

Thanks for the insight. I replaced the pump and still nothing. there is no power going to it.
Now you should check under the driver's seat, there's the fuel pump relay. That goes bad, you have no fuel pump. This is a simple replacement and you should be able to get it at Auto Zone.
You already got a new radiator so that's taken care of.
Valve covers aren't that hard to replace, you just have to take the upper intake off to change the driver's side. 6 bolts, 4-5 vacuum lines, air inlet, unplug the EGR, TPS, and IAC, and disconnect the coolant lines going to the EGR. You'll need an upper to lower intake gasket. It sounds involved but it isn't that bad at all.
Check out some of our website sponsors, MCRParts might have a t top for you.
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