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1988 mustang A/C delete have belt but need answer

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We rebuilt the motor and about to put it back in the car, I have decided to leave the A/C compressor off being it doesnt work. I have the shorter belt. but the front of the motor is bare. and i keep seeing all these A/C delete kits. So i guess what iwant to know is. with a dead line of getting my car done for a car show this saturday. can i just leave off the A/C but still use the original brakets for the power stearing?

and next question is? is it possible with the belt tensioner to leave the belt off the air pump, I am up for inspection in a year and wasnt sure if the belt would be to long, or if anything would get in the way of the rerouting.

again the front of the motor is bare. I just wanna be prepared when i put it together.

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To bypass the smog pump, you'll have to get another belt, the stock one will be too long.
Yes, you could reuse the bracket but you could get the Ford Racing AC eliminator, it'll move the power steering up close to where the AC used to be and look better. You'll need a new belt for this too. If you bypass the smog, you'll be getting a new belt anyway, be a good time to solve both issues.
i have the a/c delete belt. i do how ever need the smog pump for Delaware inspection so i wanted to keep it on and just try to bypass it.

No question about it, get the a/c delete that brings the power steering into the a/c location. Easy to do and looks good. As Eagle said, you would have had to get a new belt anyways.
Ok, you can get still another belt, one that bypasses the smog pump and when it comes inspection time, put the other back on to operate the smog.
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