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1989 2.3 lx wont start up

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i was driving this 2.3L for about 2 years was running good, then i bought another mustang parked the lx for about a month then i came back to it tried starting it just cranks and doesnt start up. not sure what happen, it has gas, getting gas to the fuel rail, timing is good, fuel pump turns on. when i spary starting fluid in the throttle body it strats up and turns off.
ive changed the fuel filter, and the fuel regulator with new ones.
when i turn the key on and off about 5-9 times and then crank it, it sounds like it wants to start up then dies. I have used a noid light, it does flash but very dim light. Im getting like a 0.4-0.6 voltage at the injectors. I have not been able to test the fuel pressure because i do not have a tester.
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It has low fuel pressure or a ripped connector hose in the tank!!! Check fuel pressure. And post back!! Peace Tom!!:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup
definately a fuel problem, next time you check voltage at the injectors ground the neg lead to the engine and pos to the positive side of the injector ( the injectors share positive and are negitive fired off the ecu, so the positive will be red on every injector) it could possibally be a corroded harness to the injectors.


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it wouldnt hurt to pull codes to see if you get any info. if you dont know how just search my threads for the info.
It sounds like its losing power to the fuel pump when the key is released, which happens when the EEC relay or the fuel pump relay loses power. The ECU is a common culprit for this. Pin 22 on the ECU should have uninterrupted power coming from it during engine start up. Should be a tan and light green wire which splits off and goes to the diagnostic plug located on the drives side fender near the master cylinder and the fuel pump relay, which should be located under the driver seat below the carpet. Pin number 1 on the ECU should have uninterrupted power as well. The ignition switch might cause this as well, but is less likely.
Do you have a spare ECU that you can borrow from someone? This was a somewhat common problem on 87-90 Mustangs.

Unfortunately, I don't think codes will help at all in this case. Try following the wire diagram I linked below.

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just adding a bit to OHC's great advice, but just in case, in my stang the relay was under my passenger seat, not the drivers.
thanks for all the reply's im gona be trying to get it going this weekend
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